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Pizza Drivers Are Poised To Do Well Even at $4 Per Gallon

Posted on 09 October 2005
by Web Site Staff

October 9, 2005 -- Given the run-up in gasoline prices, both before Hurricane Katrina and in its aftermath, one would expect pizza drivers, among others, to be feeling the pinch. Not necessarily so, according to Dave Shelson, a leading authority in the U.S. on pizza delivery.

Despite high gas prices, drivers are bolstered by two surprising factors. First, Americans in large numbers continue refusing to cook at home. Second, ironically, some customers prefer to pay for delivery rather than use their own gas to pick up pies.

While some lower income households may have to reduce pizza consumption to stay afloat, well-to-do Americans are scaling down from steaks out to pizza delivered to the house.

Neither the American consumer nor the American pizza driver need be concerned about gas prices impacting the availability or profitability of pizza delivery.

In his new report "Gas Prices and Pizza Driving - Uncovering the Inside Story," Shelson examines the actual dollars and cents impact of gas prices up to $4 per gallon on pizza drivers. He arrives at some unexpected conclusions. More information is available at www.doublecrust.com.

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Sondra Duffy, Publisher
Double Crust Publishing
PO Box 424
Elkhorn, WI 53121
(262) 723-6495

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