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Joseph “Fatboy” Jones Eats 83 Slices of Pizza

Posted on 27 October 2007
by Web Site Staff

October 27, 2007 – Hildebrant County, GA
Joseph Jones, or Fatboy as he likes to be called, ate 83 slices of pepperoni  pizza at the Hildebrant County Fair in Hildebrant County, GA. Fatboy crushed the competition, consuming all slices within the 10 minute time allocated for the completion. Second place only at 52 slices and 3rd place ate 36.
When asked about his stunning accomplishment, Fatboy stated with a slow southern drawl topped with a friendly grin, “I ain’t think I could have done it. Last year I only ate 64 slices but I was a bit smaller than also.”
Fatboy, at 19 years old, 6’ 4” and weighing 395 pounds is a high school senior and ironically his current part time job is as a pizza delivery driver. He says he hopes to enter other eating contests like the well publicized Coney hot dog eating content in New York and several Crawfish Contest in New Orleans.
Finally when asked how he felt Fat boy replied, “I feel full right now and probably won’t “sh*t for we week ‘cause of all the cheese and stuff, but overall I feel kinda good”.
Fatboy’s other aspirations include entering college to play football next year and marrying his girlfriend who is expecting their first child.

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